Laika is all about smelling, feeling, seeing, hearing,
and tasting.
About sampling epic stories and anecdotes,
new recipes and unfamiliar worlds.

Laika theatre company creates ‘theatre of the senses’: imaginative productions aimed at children/youngsters and grown-ups who have retained their child-like capacity for wonderment. Laika’s fascination with children and teenagers has to do with their ability to look at the world with fresh eyes and a sense of amazement. Laika, too, finds that the world is full of surprises and that nothing can be taken for granted. Whether it is feelings or ideas, or tastes, smells and colours, the world is one big discovery playground.

Artists from different disciplines join forces to deliver the company’s hallmark: lucid, expressive and accessible theatre. Laika stages productions in large and small theatres, is often invited to perform abroad and also ventures into unknown territory, such as old cinemas, shopping streets or a tent on a square. 

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