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th 5, fr 6, sa 7 August 2021
su 8 August 2021

Last winter and spring it was quiet in the BALSAM laboratory. But from mid-June onwards, Laika & Zefiro Torna will tune the instruments and lubricate the throats, and the alchemists will once again experiment with titillating ingredients. On 12 June they start in the just reopened Musée du Louvre Lens (F). In the summer, a long tour through Belgium and abroad will follow.

"BALSAM indulges the ears, eyes and taste buds in the most genial way, inviting you to open yourself up to life and experience the world with sensitivity and sensibility."
sa 4, su 5 September 2021
su 12 September 2021
Binta’s inner room 9+

Binta's Inner Room (9+), the performance Aminata Demba made under the wings of Laika, comes back to life again. This performance has been invited to Hellwach, an international festival for young audiences in Hamm (D). It will be streamed with German subtitles, from the 9th to the 23rd of June.

"Everything is right about this beautiful performance about joys and sorrows, sorrow and resilience. "
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sa 14, su 15 August 2021
tu 17 August 2021
th 9, fr 10, sa 11 December 2021
su 12 December 2021
On the road 6+

On the road can also go back… on the road. On the 7th of June, this wordless, physical performance by Michai Geyzen & Laika will be performed live and will be streamed live as well, at the Schöne Aussicht festival in Stuttgart (D).

COOKING WORKSHOPS in preparation for the end of the world

In her online cooking workshops Sien Vanmaele sets out to answer the question: 'Can I save the world by cooking?' During her Oerol residency she will be examinating seaweed and deep sea plants. She is also keen to link up with you from her kitchen. You can join the online cooking Workshop #7 Spirulina from the 12th up to the 14th of June. 

sa 18, su 19 September 2021
Potato Soup 7+

Actress Celia Fechas tells her moving war story while making soup in the playgrounds of the primary schools in Overijse and Zwijndrecht. Corona-secure! 

Laika 20 years

LAIKA, theatre of the senses, saw the light of day in 2001. That’s makes us twenty years old! As we are unable to celebrate with you in person at the moment, we are marking the jubilee online. Here you can taste ‘Laika 20 years’ in word and image, in aromas, colours and tastes. Celebrate with us.Thank you for being there! 

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