fr 24 May 2024
Light/house 6+

There is lightning in the air, the lights flicker and go out, but three lighthouse keepers are ready to steer you to a safe haven.

Get carried away by the visual performance Light/house (Laika & hetpaleis)! This crowd pleaser is currently on tour, with upcoming shows at GC Den Bussel in Keerbergen (19/05) and Schouwburg Kortrijk (24/05). We will conclude the tour with a grande finale in the main hall of hetpaleis in Antwerp (1-2/06).


In the run-up to the Belgian local elections on 13 October 2024, Laika and hetpaleis are joining forces for the A1000: a unique programme where 1,000 students from the 5th and 6th grade of secondary school will work towards a spectacular final debate with the lead candidates of Antwerp municipal politics.

The preliminary workshops are in full swing in several schools in Antwerp. While working on their debating skills, the youngsters formulate a series of sharp conclusions on the following themes: living together, our planet, money, democracy, identity and the city of the future. On 3 October 2024, they will engage a dialogue with the city’s politicians on their urban policy, and present their recommendations. Sparks will surely fly!

Next week
we 29, th 30 May 2024
Outsider 16+

Highly accomplished performer Frank Dierens once again steps into the shoes and mind of Ted Kaczynski, one of the most infamous and most wanted terrorists ever.

Join us on 29 and 30 May for this intriguing monologue in the garden of the Fatima Monastery, organized by Schouwburg Kortrijk.

"Outsider does not show the destruction caused by the bombs, but focuses on the deep, personal loneliness that led Kaczynski to his manifesto and his attacks."
Superheroes - Letzte Schlacht 7+

We look back on a fantastic premiere of  Superheroes - Letzte Schlacht, the result of a brand-new collaboration between Laika and the renowned theatre for young audiences, Schauburg München! Superheroes - Letzte Schlacht is a performance about the glory and the dark side of being a superhero. A show that bears the hallmark of director Michai Geyzen: visual, wordless and energetic physical theatre.

We are incredibly proud of this new co-production and would like to thank everyone in front and behind the scenes at Schauburg München for their enthusiasm and hospitality!

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