Superheroes - Letzte Schlacht 7+
Superheroes - Last battle

Our once loved and admired superheroes have come down in the world. There was a time when we relied on them to deal with the evil in the world, to always be ready to beat the bad guys to a pulp and ward off danger. And their superhuman powers and heroic courage meant they always came out on top. It was a time when they were united and invincible and a role model for us all. But those days are over.

Our now purposeless heroes find themselves on the fringes of society, misunderstood, maligned and forgotten. In Letzte Schlacht [Battle of the Bulge] they try to restore their former image, but will they succeed?

Laika and Schauburg München (DE) are collaborating on Michai Geyzen’s visual and energetic production. The wordless ‘Letzte Schlacht’ is the first project in this new and exciting partnership.

Laika & Schauburg München | CONCEPT AND DIRECTION Michai Geyzen CAST Lucia Schierenbeck, Janosh Fries, David Campling, Sibel Polat and Franzy Deutscher COMBAT CHOREOGRAPHY Franzy Deutscher SET Anja Furthmann ASSISTANT SCENOGRAPHY Svenja Stannat DIRECTOR'S ASSISTANT Kilian Bohnensack MUSIC Ephraïm Cielen DRAMATURGY Anne Richter and Mieke Versyp EDUCATION Xenia Bühler
Tour dates
April 2024
Su07/0419:00 Premiere