Cooking workshops in preparation for the end of the world 

In 2020 Sien Vanmaele, who had already been coached by Laika, initiated the research project "COOKING WORKSHOPS in preparation for the end of the world" in which she goes in search of an answer to the question: "Can I save the world by cooking?" Sien is fearful about the future for herself and others. She would like to find ways of working with others to restructure that fear so as to build a new world and she figures that cooking is the ideal approach. She has studied sustainable ways of producing and consuming food and is building on that knowledge by following courses (e.g. in urban farming, foraging and fermentation), interviewing experts and reading widely. Subjects she is researching include seaweed, salt-tolerant plants, fungi, fermentation, insects, zero waste and cultured meat. Each part is rounded off with a short try-out in the form of a performative cooking workshop for the public, either virtually or live. Once the series of cookery workshops is complete, she will work with Laika to condense all her new-found knowledge into a single stage show to be premièred in the summer of 2022.

If you are interested in Sien’s research project, perhaps you can help her organize presentations of the various workshops. If you know of local partners (producers, experts, etc.) who might be able to make an interesting contribution to her research, don’t hesitate to contact her at

For more information about the various workshops, go to:

In collaboration with KAAP & Laika
Tour dates
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June 2021
Sa12/0611:00 #7 spirulina
Su13/0611:00 #7 spirulina
Mo14/0621:30 #7 spirulina
July 2021
Sa03/0713:00 #3 zeewier en zilte planten, 16:00 #3 zeewier en zilte planten
Su04/0713:00 #3 zeewier en zilte planten, 16:00 #3 zeewier en zilte planten
August 2021
Sa28/0815:00 #3 zeewier en zilte planten
Su29/0815:00 #3 zeewier en zilte planten
Tu31/0815:00 #3 zeewier en zilte planten
September 2021
We01/0915:00 #3 zeewier en zilte planten
Th02/0915:00 #3 zeewier en zilte planten
Fr03/0915:00 #3 zeewier en zilte planten
Sa04/0915:00 #3 zeewier en zilte planten
Su26/0914:00 #10 zero waste, 17:00 #10 zero waste
October 2021
February 2022
Su06/0214:00 #3 zeewier en zilte planten, 17:00 #3 zeewier en zilte planten