Crazed kings

This performance is based on the dream world of a disturbed monarch.

The spectator wanders around in his fairy-tale palace and is confronted by bizarre personalities. At first, a sweet but bizarre hostess explains the origins of the wonderful edifice. Subsequently, small groups of spectators are given a tour, meeting the mistress, the general and the king's court jester. In a final speech, the disturbed monarch addresses the public himself, which is followed by dessert.

And through these various stages, the audience receives its food at the appropriate times.

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A co-production with TIME-Festival, Gent and Rotterdam 2001, Cultural Capital of Europe  |  CONCEPT Peter De Bie | TEXT Peter Verhelst | DIRECTOR Jo Roets | PERFORMERS Frank Dierens, Sofie Sente, Kristien Van pellicom, Jur Van der Lecq | COOKS Peter De Bie, Vincent Goedemé | DESIGN Marianne Burgers | COSTUMES Mieja Hollevoet | LIGHTING Joost de Beij | MUSIC Bo SpaenC