Brothers Karamazov14+
After Dostoyevsky's masterpiece

Based on and inspired by Dostoevsky's masterpiece, ‘Brothers Karamazov’. In this Russian classic, Dostoevsky tells the story of a family adrift.

The dramatic climax is the murder of the father. All the evidence points to the eldest son, Dmitri, who goes to great lengths to prove his innocence. Around this simple intrigue, Dostoevsky weaves a web of fascinating polemics and conflicts involving faith, passion and loyalty, with the ever-pressing family and blood ties enveloping everything.

In the theatrical season 1999-2000, we played De Karamazovs in Cinema Roma in Borgerhout and Cinema Capitole in Ghent. The atmosphere of faded glory provided by these locations was an essential element of the performance. For the next season, 2000-2001, we adapted De Karamazovs for the classic theatre, a challenge we enjoyed: a new form demanded new solutions.

Selected for Het Theaterfestival 2001.

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TEXT AND DIRECTOR Jo Roets en Jur van der Lecq PERFORMERS Inge Paulussen/Joke Debaere, Marnick Bardyn/Martijn De Rijk, Frank Dierens, Dimitri Duquennoy, Liesbeth Jannes, Gert Jochems, Lilian Keersmaekers, Peter Seynaeve, Jur van der Lecq, Jessa Wildemeersch/Ruth Becquart COSTUMES Mieja Hollevoet SET DESIGN Gert Stas LIGHTING Joost de Beij