The Sheep 10+

Tension between a father and his 12-year-old son Ayoub flares when a sheep has to be ritually slaughtered. Three actors step into the shoes/hooves of a host of characters. Based on Fikry El Azzouzi’s novel ‘The feast of the sheep’ (Het schapenfeest).

The Sheep premiered on the 21st of April at Schouwburg Luchtbal in Antwerp (BE), and is currently on tour. It will be an eventful Sheep Feast!

Light/house 6+

Light/house, a visual, dynamic and tragicomic show by Michai Geyzen, premiered at hetpaleis in Antwerp (BE) on the 16th of February. It already received numerous enthusiastic reviews!


Theaterkrant: "Light/house is another Michai Geyzen production that hits the mark.”
De Morgen: "What beautiful, truthful insights for a young and not so young audience. What a beautiful, sensitive performance."
Het Nieuwsblad: "... musical and fiery enough to float by and enjoy."

su 9, mo 10, tu 11 October 2022
we 12 October 2022

On the 31st of January 2020, BALSAM premiered at Le Channel in Calais (FR). After touring at home and abroad, this tantalizing theatre experience just played for the hundredth time! Keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming shows next season. On to two hundred performances!

(Photo credits: Lavrar O Mar/João Mariano)

Wilderness 14+

Wilderness, a theatre performance about a chaotic family that consciously lives on the fringes of society, premiered in early February. The play, written by Freek Mariën and commissioned by Laika, was awarded an honourable mention by the Kaas and Kappes Prize 2022, an international prize for theatre texts for children and youngsters. Congratulations!

"The mechanics behind the downfall of a family are revealed in a non-sentimental fashion. A family in which the children’s affection allowed this destructive situation to perpetuate itself for so long."
Fiery flames 2022

It is with a very warm heart that we look back on the vibrant festival Fiery Flames. The children of primary school de Zevensprong went al out during Theatre Storm. Despite the wind (harsh!) and the rain (with buckets!), it turned out to be a very successful edition. Thanks everyone!

(Photo credits: Claudia Weyers)

AIR 4+

The wordless and dancerly performance AIR premiered at De Studio in January. Children and their parents and teachers were enthused! Couldn't make it? Don't worry! This show about the difference between nothing and everything will go on tour again this autumn. Keep an eye on our calendar for more information! 

"...already one of the best children's shows of the year..."
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