fr 23 February 2024
Aventuras 9+

Currently, The Man Without a Head welcomes participants from nine years and up to Aventuras, the brand new theatre installation by Laika and Prado - Associação Cultural. The premiere took place at our lovely partners of Krokusfestival (BE), where, much to our delight, Aventuras was voted best show of the festival by the children's jury. What an incredible honour!

This extraordinary performance is currently on tour and ticket sales are rocketing. Will you come and be amazed?

"After the delightful introduction to the pleasantly disturbed inner worlds, we [...] end up back in the outside world. Which now looks even more insane."
th 7, fr 8, sa 9 March 2024

Meanwhile, we are getting ready for the second part of the tour of the saline SEA MEAL as well as for its French premiere - REPAS DE MER!

To celebrate the premiere of REPAS DE MER at Le Channel, scène nationale de Calais (21/03), our very own Peter De Bie will be a resident there. In addition to the performance itself, he will organize Les Grandes Tables de Peter De Bie, which will include workshops and a mouth-watering dinner. Bon appétit !

Next week
th 29 February 2024
fr 1, sa 2 March 2024
Der Koch und der halbe Soldat 10+

It was quiet for a while surrounding our co-production with tjg. theater junge generation, but at the end of February, the anti-war fairytale Der Koch und der halbe Soldat will be on stage again! This compelling story about the futility of every war plays in tjg. Dresden first. At the end of February, we are guests in Leipzig, playing at Theater der Jungen Welt as part of the famous Leipziger Buchmesse.

Click here for a list of all the tour dates in Germany.

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