AIR 4+

The wordless and dancing performance AIR premiered at De Studio in Antwerp. Children and their parents and teachers were enthused! Couldn't make it? Don't worry! This show about the difference between nothing and everything will go on tour again this autumn. Keep an eye on our calendar for more information! 

"...already one of the best children's shows of the year..."
fr 28 January 2022

BALSAM is back home after a successful tour of the Netherlands, Portugal and France! You can safely enjoy this tantalizing theatre experience at Cultuurcentrum Zwaneberg (28/01) in Heist-op-den-Berg (BE) and at Cultuurcentrum De Factorij (11/03) in Zaventem (BE).

(Photo: Lavrar O Mar/João Mariano)

"An unexpected smorgasbord of sensory titillation – ready your eyes, ears, nose and tastebuds for a voyage of discovery."
fr 11, sa 12, mo 14 February 2022
tu 15 February 2022
Wilderness 14+

A father, mother and their two children want to live differently, far away from society with its laws and rules. Wilderness is a story about growing up in extreme poverty, about surviving on the fringes of civilization. A lively new script by Freek Mariën, with class actors Violet Braeckman, Frank Dierens, Ineke Nijssen and Flor Van Severen on the stage. Wilderness premieres at De Studio in Antwerp on the 11th of February and will then go on tour

mo 14, tu 15, we 16 February 2022
th 17, fr 18, sa 19 February 2022
Light/house 6+

On February 16, Light/house will premiere at hetpaleis in Antwerp. A dancing performance about the last three lighthouse keepers in the world who everyone has forgotten. Three keepers who lose their footing when they run into the arms of the only thing in the world that still promises them a safe haven: the sea. 

Light/house is, just like Über-Ich and On the road, a visual, dynamic and tragicomic show by Michai Geyzen. Be very welcome at the premiere! Afterwards this performance will go on tour



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