Cooking in preparation for the end of the world

Theatre-maker and woman of action, Sien Vanmaele, is concerned about our planet. She invites us to her ‘altar of discarded foods’ and immerses us in the wondrous world of the micro-organisms which make our food tastier, easier to digest and longer lasting. We set to work with yesterday’s bread and ‘ugly’ fruit and veg, turning it all into an edible offering as a homage to the microbes. Finally, we eat a meal together as an act of resistance.

LAND MEAL is the sequel to SEA MEAL and the second part of a trilogy about the food of the future, about looking for a way of cooking that contributes to a better world.

If you have any left-over bread or even crusts, please bring them along to the show!

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Laika COPRODUCED WITH Perpodium WITH THE SUPPORT OF Cronos Invest, the Flemish Community and the Federal Belgian Government's Tax Shelter scheme | CONCEPT AND SCRIPT Sien Vanmaele CAST Tim Van der Linden and Sien Vanmaele COACHING AND SET Benjamin Verdonck DIRECTOR Jo Roets SENSORY ADVICE Peter De Bie MUSIC Anton Van Haver COSTUMES Manuela Lauwers DRAMATURGY Mieke Versyp TECHNICIANS Tim Van der Linden, Rik Van Gysegem and Tom van den Brande PRODUCTION Pieter Smet and Helena Verbeeck
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May 2023
Th18/0517:30, 19:30 Premiere
Fr19/0517:30, 19:30
Sa20/0517:30, 19:30
Su21/0517:30, 19:30
December 2023
Th28/1217:00, 19:30
Fr29/1217:00, 19:30
January 2024
Parktheater Eindhoven
Philipszaal (0)40/211.11.22
Fr19/0117:00, 19:30
Sa20/0117:00, 19:30