New season online! 

Our summer is packed, but after that, we're off to a flying start with exciting new creations and much requested reruns. Are you wondering what Laika has planned for 2022-2023? Take a look here for an overview. There is something in store for everyone! 

(Photo: Olympe Tits, from the new performance BAZAR)

Next week
fr 26, sa 27, su 28 August 2022
tu 30, we 31 August 2022
th 1 September 2022
fr 2, sa 3 September 2022
fr 9, sa 10, su 11 September 2022

This summer Sien Vanmaele conquers her eco-anxiety. After two years of research, she confronts her fears head on during the sensory performance SEA MEAL. We follow Sien on a quest that starts at the seaside and ends in her kitchen. SEA MEAL is an evening full of hope, a connecting dinner during which you look, listen, smell, taste, cut, crush and mix.

SEA MEAL will be showing until the 7th of August at Zomer van Antwerpen. After that, the performance will go on tour, with a premiere in the Netherlands at Zeeland Nazomerfestival on the 26th of August. It promises to be a saline summer! 

fr 3, sa 4 February 2023
su 5, mo 6 February 2023
Light/house 6+

It will be a saline summer indeed, because Light/house is also hitting the theatre festivals! First off, they will be heading to THINK BIG! Festival (12-13 July) in Munich (DE) and to Theater Aan Zee (30 July) in Ostend (BE). Next, the lighthouse keepers will set course to Theaterfestival Boulevard (August 5-8) in 's-Hertogenbosch (NL). Will you join us to "float by and enjoy"?

Next week
su 28 August 2022
AIR 4+

Children and their parents and teachers are all wildly enthusiastic about the wordless and dancerly performance AIR! At the end of the summer, AIR will play at the festivals Zomerslag in Genk (BE) and Cultura Nova in Heerlen (NL). This show about the difference between nothing and everything will go on tour again this autumn. You can find the tour dates in our calendar

"Despite its flaws, The Sheep does exactly what the performance sets out to do: pay tribute to those who slip between two seats, belonging to different communities, and to the need to build bridges between those communities."
De Morgen about The Sheep
su 9, mo 10, tu 11 October 2022
we 12 October 2022
fr 21, sa 22, su 23 October 2022

On the 31st of January 2020, BALSAM premiered at Le Channel in Calais (FR). After touring at home and abroad, this tantalizing theatre experience just played for the hundredth time! Check our calendar for upcoming shows next season. On to two hundred performances!

(Photo credits: Lavrar O Mar/João Mariano)

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