Der Koch und der halbe Soldat10+
The cook and the half soldier

A compelling story about the friendship between a child soldier and a field cook, set amidst the mud and blood of the battlefield. A timeless fairytale about the futility of war, dished up with a dash of dark humour.

In 2024, Belgium and the Netherlands will be the joint guest country at Germany’s major book fair, the Leipziger Buchmesse. At the request of the Dresden-based Theater Junge Generation, which finds stimulation in Laika’s sensory work, Roets&Vissers are making a stage adaptation of two award-winning books by the Dutch author Benny Lindelauf: Tortot, The Cold Fish Who Lost His World and Whole Stories for Half a Soldier. Jo Roets is directing the Dresden ensemble in this brand-new collaboration, Peter De Bie will create an immersive sensory experience.

Der Koch und der halbe Soldat will only play in Germany. In the summer of 2024, Laika and Theater FroeFroe will rework the stage version for the Belgian public

Laika & tjg. Dresden WITH SUPPORT OF the Flemish Community | TEXT Roets&Vissers (after Benny Lindelauf) DIRECTED BY Jo Roets and Christoph Levermann SENSORY CONCEPT Peter De Bie CAST Paul Oldenburg, Adrienne Lejko, Gregor Wolf and Gert Jochems, Alina Montana Weber and Tony Milano PUPPET DESIGN Marc Maillard (Theater FroeFroe) PUPPET CREATION Jan Maillard and Laura Sanwald SCENOGRAPHY Peter De Bie MUSIC COMPOSITION Demian Kappenstein COSTUMES Ulrike Kunze DRAMATURGY Ulrike Lessman and Mieke Versyp
Tour dates
November 2023
Sa11/1118:00 Premiere