fr 22, sa 23 March 2024
Der Koch und der halbe Soldat 10+

In 2024, Belgium and the Netherlands will be the joint guest country at Germany’s major book fair, the Leipziger Buchmesse. At the request of the Dresden-based Theater Junge Generation, which finds stimulation in Laika’s sensory work, we are making a stage adaptation of two award-winning books by the Dutch author Benny Lindelauf: Tortot, The Cold Fish Who Lost His World and Found His Heart and Whole Stories for Half a Soldier.

Der Koch und der halbe Soldat (The cook and the half soldier) is a timeless fairytale about the futility of every war, presented with humor and taste. Jo Roets and Christoph Levermann are directing the Dresden ensemble, for the occasion joined by guest actor Gert Jochems, in this brand-new collaboration. Peter De Bie will create an immersive sensory experience, including surprising treats.

The premiere (in German) will take place on 11 November at the Theater Junge Generation in Dresden, Germany, and will then remain on their repertoire.

mo 11 December 2023
AIR 4+

Two creatures try to trap air, hold it and cherish it. But is that possible? Because isn’t air just, well… air?

This wordless, dancerly show blows like a fresh breeze through the auditorium. In November, AIR will be performing for schools at the theatre of GZ Buchegg in Zurich, Switzerland. Later on, in December 2023 and January 2024, there will be school and family performances in Belgium. You can check the entire calender here.

"A performance that shows in a wonderfully imaginative way what air can do. (…) Intended for everyone from the age of 4, but children up to 77 will also love it. "
Pzazz about AIR
On the road 6+

Some people feel at home wherever they are. Others spend their whole life looking, wandering hither and thither, longing for a place to put down roots and eventually come home to. But what exactly is home? 

In addition to Belgium, the United Kingdom, Portugal, Germany, Sweden, Korea, Liechtenstein, the Netherlands, and France, On the road can now also add Norway to their list! In November this piece of energetic visual theatre will be travelling from Sandvika to Ålesund and from Stavanger to Oslo.

th 7, fr 8, sa 9 March 2024

The tour of SEA MEAL for this year has come to an end. It has been an amazing journey! Thank you all for sharing this wonderful experience with us. Part two of the tour, including the French premiere at Le Channel, scène nationale de Calais, will take place from March to April 2024. Check out all the performance dates here!

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