fr 19 July 2024

Laika & Theatre FroeFroe's total spectacle Tortot premiered to great acclaim at the festival Zomer van Antwerpen! A captivating performance about a bitter field cook who, in the midst of an endless war, opens his heart for the young soldier George. Every evening, Tortot brings 300 people together to be swept up by a moving story, to enjoy exuberant brass band music and to share a delicious meal.

Tortot will be on show at Zomer van Antwerpen until 20 July. Next, we are heading to the Netherlands, first to Den Bosch and then to Heerlen!

"FroeFroe showcases its craftsmanship with puppets that, while increasingly abstract in design, are full of emotion. And with Peter De Bie, Laika has another unique asset other than the excellent actors: a creative chef."
New season online

Our plans for season 2024-2025 can be found online! We are coming your way with exciting new performances, in-demand repertoire and are travelling in Belgium and abroad. It will be another great year full of theatre. We are very much looking forward to it! Are you?

Photo: HEROES (by Olympe Tits)


In the run-up to the Belgian local elections on 13 October 2024, Laika and hetpaleis are joining forces for the A1000: a unique programme where 1,000 students from the 5th and 6th grade of secondary school will work towards a spectacular final debate with the lead candidates of Antwerp municipal politics.

The preliminary workshops are in full swing in several schools in Antwerp. While working on their debating skills, the youngsters formulate a series of sharp conclusions on the following themes: living together, our planet, money, democracy, identity and the city of the future. On 3 October 2024, they will engage a dialogue with the city’s politicians on their urban policy, and present their recommendations. Sparks will surely fly!

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