In search of the fifth taste

In addition to sweet, salty, sour and bitter, there is a fifth taste that goes under the mysterious name of ‘umami’. Almost nobody knows what it tastes like, but everyone can taste it. Umami is Japanese for ‘pleasant savoury taste’. Umami makes your mouth water and it has you licking your lips. Umami always leaves you wanting more.

Four characters – a scientist, an adventurer, a poet and a chef – whisk the audience off to an uncharted but fascinating territory alive with tastes, smells and colours. The area is explored with weird and wonderful images, words, movement, music and culinary dishes. It is a journey studded with obstacles and pitfalls, a journey of tension and suspense.

The audience looks, listens, feels and... tastes – for real! Idiosyncratic theatre for young and old to enjoy with heart and soul, body and mind.

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Laika and Compagnia Teatrale Piccoli Principi - in coproduction with Les Grandes Tables de la Friche, Théâtre Massalia, Système Friche Théâtre, Marseille Provence, European Cultural Capital 2013, Cultura Nova, Heerlen and Le Volcan, scène nationale du Havre - in collaboration with DE Studio.  |  BY AND WITH Peter De Bie, Judith de Joode, Alessandro Libertini and Véronique Nah COACHING Jo Roets and Mieke Versyp CULINARY CONCEPT Peter De Bie LIGHTING DESIGN Claudio Coloberti SOUND DESIGN Véronique Nah SET Peter De Bie and Alessandro Libertini COSTUMES Manuela Lauwers and Alessandro Libertini FOOD Bram Smeyers TECHNICAL ASPECTS Marlies Jacques, Piet Van Deun and Rik Van Gysegem PRODUCTION Pieter Smet WITH THANKS TO Huis Van Alijn, Pièce Montée, Drukkerij Bulckens and De Muur
Tour dates
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August 2013
Th29/0819:00 Première NL
September 2013
Mo02/0909:30, 13:00
Tu03/0909:30, 13:00
Friche la Belle de Mai +33 (0)4 95 04 95 95
We11/0914:30 Première FR, 20:00
Fr13/0910:00, 14:30