Ballet fairytale with large orchestra

Petroesjka wants to be more than just a wooden puppet. The puppet theatre soon becomes much too small for him.

Jo Roets and Jan Van Outryve worked together before, on Floris en Blancefloer and ARTHUR. Now they are bringing a refreshing new theatre version of Igor Stravinsky’s ballet classic Petruschka (1911). Judith Herzberg wrote a new play featuring the puppet Petroesjka. This piece of musical theatre with large orchestra will be performed exclusively at HETPALEIS.

"From time to time / something moves / in me, and then I jiggle / or something / I don’t know / what to call it / all I know / is that it’s there / and that the puppeteer / is making a slip"
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In conjunction with deFilharmonie  |  MUSIC Igor Stravinski, Jan Van Outryve TEXT Judith Herzberg CONDUCTOR Steven Verhaert DIRECTOR Jo Roets CAST Christian Celini, Tine Embrechts, Gert Jochems, Bob Selderslaghs SET Peter De Bie LIGHTING Rob Van Ertvelde COSTUMES Mieja Hollevoet DRAMATURGY Bart Van den Eynde
Tour dates
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November 2005
HETPALEIS 03 202 83 60
Sa26/1115:00 Première, 20:00
Tu29/1111:00, 13:30
We30/1111:00, 15:00