Theatre Storm 

Theatre Storm (Theaterstorm) are workshops for children in the area around Matterhorn in Borgerhout where Laika has its home. After a couple of preliminary lessons at school, one or two classes make our building their base for a week. The various rehearsal rooms are used for teacher-led workshops in theatre, movement, visual art, costumes, music, singing, etc. The children have the chance to look round our set and costume storerooms. A theme is chosen and the participants spend a week working on it. They build a set, design costumes and our technicians provide assistance with lighting and sound. On the Friday there is a presentation for parents, friends and neighbours and the other classes from the school of course.

Theatre Storm was launched in 2014 and has been repeated every year.

On the Monday the participants trickle in timidly, on the Friday they leave wildly enthusiastic after an unforgettable theatre experience. Along with teachers and members of school boards in the neighbourhood, we are on look out for new Theatre Storms.

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COORDINATOR Patricia Goemaere INSTRUCTORS Patricia Goemaere, Jo-An Lauwaert, Peter Spaepen, Annelies Van Hullebusch, Gideon Hakker, Stan Nieuwenhuis, et al
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October 2019
kunstZ en Laika
Fr18/1014:00, 17:00
February 2022
Laika 03/230 57 61
November 2023
Laika 03/230 57 61
Fr17/1114:00, 17:00