The Sheep10+
Based on Fikry El Azzouzi’s novel Het Schapenfeest.

On the day of the Sheep Feast, Ayoub is supposed to help his father slaughter a sheep. But Ayoub is a dreamer who wants to become a professional footballer and does everything to avoid the slaughter ritual. Tensions rise in the Flemish-Moroccan family as the various attempts to slaughter the sheep come to nothing.

In Het Schaap two actors and one actress portray the eleven-year-old Ayoub and a bunch of other characters. Based on Fikry El Azzouzi’s novel Het Schapenfeest.

SCRIPT Roets & Vissers (after Fikry El Azzouzi) DIRECTED BY Jo Roets CAST Arber Aliaj, Rachid Laachir, Deniz Polatoglu MUSIC Salahdin Ibnou Kacemi en Anton Van Haver SET & COSTUMES Katrijn Baeten SOUND & LIGHT Marlies Jacques, Anton Van Haver TECHNICIANS Pieter Smet, Rik Van Gysegem, Tom Van den Brande
Tour dates
April 2021
Antwerpen Kiel
Sa10/04 Premiere
Su11/04 Premiere
Cultuurcentrum Sint-Niklaas
Schouwburg 03 778 33 66
May 2021
CC Het Gasthuis
Het Gasthuis 016 56 48 24