Don Giovanni  
Dining with Don Juan

To the strains of the final scene from Mozart's Don Giovanni, we will entice you away to a place of desire where three women languish mournfully over the demise of Don Juan, the object of their passion.

"Allow yourself to be tempted in this Garden of Eden by brilliant music, beguiling song and the irresistible desire for … chocolate."
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Co-production Laika, Muziektheater Transparant and Operadagen Rotterdam - As part of ‘City of Desire’, an opera tour through Rotterdam-South.  |  VOCALS Els Bongers, Thaïs Scholiers, Els Mondelaers | ACTING Charlotte Vandermeersch | PIANO Noémi Biro | CONCEPT AND DIRECTION Peter De Bie and Jo Roets | COOKS Vincent Goedemé, Bram Smeyers | TECHNICIANS Pieter Smet, Rik Van Gysegem | DRAMATURGY Caroline Fransens
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March 2009
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Su08/0314:30, 18:00