CANTINA workshops 

After the successful summer production Piknik Horrifik, for CANTINA Laika is once again working with a diverse group of performers. Locals will be invited along to workshops organized in different parts of the city. During the workshops stories and images will be collected – valuable material that will be ‘conserved’ and cherished for posterity. So ‘conservation’ as a form will play an important role.

Small public performances distilled from these workshops and staged in the neighbourhood where the workshop was held, will include cooking and eating together.

Maximum 15 participants.

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Tour dates
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December 2017
Elscchot 03 219 60 77
Fr08/12 Toonmoment
CC Luchtbal 03 543 90 30
Fr15/12 Toonmoment
Nova 03 259 04 20
Mo18/12 Toonmoment