BORGERHOUSE (BORGERHUIS) is a new festival for our neighbourhood that will take place every two year. For this first edition of BORGERHOUSE in 2016, Matterhorn is throwing up hands with Kopspel vzw. Gwen Van Erp and Silke Melis, the ladies from the theatre company ROESTgroep go from door to door to collect special objects, ideas, songs, acts and stunts. The ladies turn all the ‘donations’ into a vibrant revue in which every 'donator' will regognize his or her object. Moreover, this revue mirrors the diversity of the area where Matterhorn is situated.

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Matterhorn in collaboration with Kopspel  |  CONCEPT AND ACTING Silke Melis enGwen van Erp MUSIC Alec De Bruyn, Reindert Swaegers en Anton Geerts ARTISTIC AND PERSONAL DONATIONS local people from Borgerhout PRODUCTION Freija Bosmans and Roxette Chikua TECHNICIAN Britt De Jonghe
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December 2016
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