On course for a better world

Full of expectation, plans and conviction,
fifteen characters find themselves together in a boat, dreaming of something different, something more, something better.
Driven by the quest for a better life,
they travel from a familiar place to an unfamiliar one.
Some walk on deck, their nose in the wind,
Others sit hidden in the hold.
They all hope that everything will work out.
Who must stay and who can go?
Where will they end up?
Can they stand the sight of each other?
The only certainty is that they are thrown together on this journey from ‘now’ to ‘later’.

BOAT (BOOT) is performed by children from Antwerp’s left bank. The Sint-Anna Goethe primary school and the School aan de stroom are taking part.

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Laika and KunstZ  |  DIRECTED BY Jo Roets and Greet Vissers CHOREOGRAPHY Jo-An Lauwaert CAST Yasmine Aolad, Malika Bajaat, Kenan Bukasa, Azhar El Houfi, Anissa Hassouini, Eunice en Joshua Katende, Ali Keshavarz, Zhara Maes, Diana Marycheva, Monavarah Mohammad, Keisy Muschija, Anton Roets, Fatoumata Sissokho, Idolina Romos Soares, Axel Willems, Khawla Zemmouri, Tsveti Zlatova SET Steven Brys COSTUMES Mieja Hollevoet
Tour dates
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April 2013
Europark 03 230 81 91
Th11/0417:00 Première