Wordless production about everything and nothing

What is air, in fact?
Two little creatures try to figure it out.
From breathing and whistling to farting.
But who does the air belong to?
And can you lay hold of it?
And then the air that had been so invisible is suddenly there very tangibly between them
and it is everyone for himself.

AIR (LUCHT) is about making something from nothing and making the world believe that it has a value.

Merel Denie was nominated for the Henriëtte Hustinx Prize in 2017. With AIR she graduated with a Master’s in Theatre from the Institute of Performative Arts in Maastricht.

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Laika and Merel Denie  |  CONCEPT AND DIRECTOR Merel Denie CAST Gytha Parmentier and Arend Pinoy MUSIC Kaspar Schellingerhout SET Peter De Bie and Manuela Lauwers DRAMATURGY Mieke Versyp LIGHT DESIGN Rik Van Gysegem SOUND Tom Van den Brande PRODUCTION Robin Angst and Pieter Smet COACHING Michai Geyzen and Jo Roets
Tour dates
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January 2022
De Studio
Studio Zwart 03 202 46 46
Mo10/0110:00, 13:30
Tu11/0110:00, 13:30
"...already one of the best children's shows of the year..."