So wrong it's right All That Is Wrong
06/08/2012 - Neil Cooper - Herald Scotland

A teenage girl and a young man sit on a stage with only a blackboard, a couple of overhead projectors and some pocket-sized mobile video cameras for comfort.

A silent slideshow displays images of various forms of protest culture which are becoming increasingly prevalent as a younger generation become politicised. Without a word, the girl starts chalking out words about who she is, and what's going on in her head.

As her scrawls become more urgent, it becomes clear this isn't teenage angst. Rather, this young woman is taking on the world.

As with previous shows by Belgian iconoclasts Ontrorend Goed, All That is Wrong does what it says on the tin. Here, however, it suggests a coming to terms with a world beyond hardcore partying.

The result in Alexander Devriendt's production is a kind of Fluxus meditation on the hard facts of life, not so much performed by Koba Ryckewaert and Zach Hatch as lived in real time.

They may be stating the obvious, but their philosophy of rubbing it all out and starting again is driven home in powerfully mesmeric fashion. Until August 12.

One might think an autobiographical play about one woman's struggle with anorexia would be similarly troubling.