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Potato Soup 

Potato Soup stays at the menu! This summer the show is inviteted at the new festival four a young audience Zomer&Zonen at the Gentse Feesten. 


The death of Pieter Bruegel the Elder 450 years ago is the pretext for the large-scale event The World of Bruegel in the Open-Air Museum Bokrijk. Laika is one of the artistic partners. Visitors are enveloped in an abundance of aromas and stories, food and drink and musical theatre. The performance Bravo! mister Bruegel has been on from July 11th up to September 1st. Laika's Odourama and Pushkitcken can still be visited up to and including November 3rd. Let yourself be immersed in the Odourama, where sounds, bits of music and smells draw you into Bruegel’s painting! 


The Pushkitchen was during the summer months part of the show Bravo! mister Bruegel. Up to and including November 3rd we still serve Paradise Waffle and a light, hoppy beer known as Kleyn Bier. They were created by Peter De Bie from ingredients commonly used in home cooking in the sixteenth century.

Bravo! mister Bruegel

Bravo! mister Bruegel was premièred on July 11th and has been performed up to and including September 1st in all weathers at Bokrijk Open-air Museum. The media and the numerous members of the public who have seen it were enraptured by Laika's highly original rendering of Bruegel’s painting The Fight between Carnival and Lent.  

"Bravo! mister Bruegel puts a contemporary spin on the painting’s farcical twists. (...) Highlights include a brilliant soundtrack, memorable costumes and Abigail Abraham/Marjan De Schutter in opera mode."
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