Cooking Workshop Sien Vanmaele 

Laika coaches the young theatre-maker Sien Vanmaele for several years. Since the beginning of 2020, Sien is working on a one-year research project in which she is trying to find an answer to the question: "Can I save the world through cooking?"

Sien Vanmaele makes theatre combining cooking and eating, and calls it 'food performances'. Here, sense is key in all its forms: taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing.

#1 - kombucha

In a first part Sien, together with Rani Decockk, investigated micro-organisms in kombucha that live together symbiotically. They showed their findings during Winterkaravaan 2019.

#2 - lockdown/vegetable fermentation

Sien Vanmaele is uncertain about the future and looks at the kitchen as a possible shelter. From inside her kitchen she tries to connect with the outside world. With her virtual mini food performance she tries to overcome fear and comforts with her recipes.

#3 - seaweed & salty plants

If you can't go to the sea, Sien will bring the sea to your kitchen. Ever heard of sea lettuce, bladder wrack, finger seaweed or sea aster? The wondrous world of the deep sea still holds many secrets. Scientists claim that these plants could become the food of the future. Sien goes on research in the sea & dunes and takes you to the deepest oceans. She teaches you how to prepare for the future through a theatrical cooking workshop.

She shares her research results with a limited audience in the form of a virtual interactive workshop. You can participate by subscribing here. Before the start of the workshop you will receive a sea package at home. This package contains salty ingredients to participate in the cooking workshop.

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