Brekebeen (Break-a-leg)14+
To want to understand the meaning of life is to want to put the wind in a box.

Perregrin is the fifteen-year-old son of a chieftain. He has a broken leg and it refuses to heal. At his wits’ end, his rich father sends for an old friend: the shaman Bod Pa. Bod Pa turns out to be a misshapen, blind and often drunk dwarf with all the traits of a devil. He doesn’t seem very concerned about Perregrin’s leg, but gives the boy unintelligible orders and takes him off on seemingly pointless outings. Yet Perregrin becomes attached to him and realizes that there is a reason for everything the shaman does and says.

Brekebeen is a monologue about the search for identity. Perregrin is on the cusp between childhood and adulthood and – like all boys – is concerned with the big questions like death and the meaning of life. Bod Pa uses magic (or is it imagination?) to teach Perregrin to trust in himself.

Fikry El Azzouzi adapted Het Boek van Bod Pa by the Dutch children’s writer Anton Quintana. Jonas Vermeulen plays both the shy Perregrin and the blind dwarf Bod Pa. Musicians Thomas De Smedt and Pieter De Meester make the music in which the audience is swept along by the stupendous forces of nature in all its guises.

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Sermoen and Laika in coproduction with Via Zuid  |  SCRIPT Fikry El Azzouzi after Anton Quintana DIRECTION Simon De Vos CAST Jonas Vermeulen MUSIC Thomas De Smedt and Pieter De Meester DRAMATURGY Lotte Heijtenis COSTUMES Vick Verachtert SCENOGRAPHY Stef Stessel
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October 2016
De Studio 03 202 46 46
Th13/1020:00 Premiere
Fr14/1013:30, 20:00
Tu18/1010:00, 13:30
cultuurcentrum Hasselt - CCHA
kleine zaal 011 22 99 33
De Warande
de KUUB 014 41 69 91
Mo24/1010:30, 13:45
't Wagehuys 016 300 900
November 2016
CC De Werft
Spektakelzaal 014 56 66 66
Tu08/1110:00, 13:30
C-mine Cultuurcentrum Genk
Kleine zaal 089 65 44 90