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The Zigzag Kid
The Zigzagkid on tour!

The Zigzagkid of Laika and het nieuwstedelijk goes back on tour and can be seen at Tongeren, Heerlen, Antwerpen, Turnhout, Genk, Brugge, Dilbeek and Leuven. Don't miss this musical-coming-of-age story!

"The Zigzag Kid exploits the colourful design, the humour in the play and the unashamed craving for emotion. But this play also derives much of its strength from the ingenious way in which the music is woven into the story."
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Potato Soup

Laika and Agora Theatre have made Aardappelsoep/Potato Soup is a contemporary show about war and loss, about hunger and about the virtues of delicious soup. After the Flemish and the German version, the Dutch version will have its première on the 20th of August at the festival Rencontres Théâtre Jeune Public in Huy.

The Passer-by

The end of February saw the première of the The Passer-by at the Krokusfestival in Hasselt, where it was jubilantly received by the general public and programmers from home and abroad. The Passer-by is visual, dancing and energetic theatre. 

"Poignant and funny! A fine example of visual theatre. De passant is another of those Laika productions which can tour the world over the next few years. "
De Bond about The Passer-by
Laika Lexicon

Laika is fifteen years old in 2016 and we’re celebrating that milestone with a book entitled Laika Lexicon. Writer and philosopher of science Geerdt Magiels picked up his pen and came up with 26 bywords for the work of Laika past and present. We in our turn dipped into our archives and added excerpts of text, photographs and recipes. 

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