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sa 1 September 2018

Laika’s CANTINA has had it's première in April 2018 in Antwerp. After a long tour in Italy, Malta, Portugal and France our festive canteen where secrets are blurted out and the future is relished, can still be seen on the summer festivals Theaterfestival Boulevard in 's Hertogenbosch and Cultura Nova in Heerlen both in the Netherlands.


fr 14 September 2018
tu 18 September 2018
we 19 September 2018
fr 21 September 2018
On the road

From September 14th On the Road will make a long tour through Flanders. Countries abroad remain interested in this energetic and visual show for everybody aged 6 and over. After shorter stops in London and Liechtenstein, this audience favorite travels through Sweden for 2 months.

""Without words but with physical playfulness and endearingly bewildered faces, they convey the fear of the unknown in the most impressive manner. Poignant and funny! Director Michai Geyzen has produced a fine example of visual theatre. De passant is another of those Laika productions which can tour the world over the next few years." "
De Bond – March 31st 2017 about On the road
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