Laika in The World of Bruegel

The death of Pieter Bruegel the Elder 450 years ago is the pretext for the large-scale event The World of Bruegel, opening at the Open-Air Museum in Bokrijk on April 6th 2019. Laika joins it with a theatre performance that plays on the senses. In Bravo! mister Bruegel a group of actors and musicians bring Bruegel’s famous painting The Battle between Carnival and Lent back to life. Laika also lets you literally taste Bruegel. You can visit our mobile kitchen for a sip of Kleyn Bier and a piece of Paradise Waffle, both created by Laika and inspired by 16th-century ingredients. Let yourself be immersed in the Diorama of the Senses in the Mikke van Lo, where sounds, bits of music and smells draw you into Bruegel’s painting.  

sa 20, su 21 July 2019
su 22 September 2019
th 3, fr 4 October 2019
tu 8 October 2019

Potato Soup stays at the menu! This summer the show is inviteted at the new festival four a young audience Zomer&Zonen at the Gentse Feesten. 

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we 26 June 2019
sa 31 August 2019

After visiting Antwerp and Brussels at the beginning of this year, NARROW is continuing its successfull international tour. After a series of performances in France, this visual gem is travelling to Norway.

"...small but perfectly formed…"
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